The AdvanSE lab (Advanced Research Group on Software Engineering) is located in the Computing Department of the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar; São Carlos - SP - Brazil). Its members (professors, undergraduate students, master and phd candidates) are engaged in research related to software engineering, with an emphasis on frameworks, aspect-oriented programming, modeling, legacy system modernization, architecture-driven modernization (ADM), structured metrics (SMM), refactorings, etc. AdvanSE Members has published a lot of scientific papers in scientific events in Brazil and around the world.


Valter Vieira de Camargo

Valter Vieira de Camargo is an Associate Professor at the Computing Department of Federal University of São Carlos (DC/UFSCar), Brazil. Currently he is the head of the AdvanSE Group (Advansed Research on Software Engineering) in this department, conducting research on several fields, such as: architecture-driven modernization (ADM), modularity-oriented software development (including aspect-oriented programing), product lines, frameworks and robotic applications. He obtained his PhD in Computer Science in 2006 at ICMC/USP and his Master Degree in 2001 at DC/UFSCar. Along the year of 2013, he worked as an invited researcher in the ENOFES Project, at the Computing Department of the University of Twente, Netherlands. He has co-authored over 110 referred papers in journals, conferences and books.

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Research Lines

1. Analysis and Design of Aspect and Object-Oriented Software

2. Design Patterns

3. Aspect-Oriented Software Development

4. Software Reuse - Product Line, Frameworks, Components etc

5. Aspect-Oriented Software Modelling (UML Profiles)

6. Software Frameworks (Crosscutting Frameworks and Aspect-Oriented Frameworks)

7. Architecture-Driven Modernization (ADM)

Daniel Lucrédio

I was born in Araras - SP, Brazil. I got my computer engineer (2002) and M.Sc. in Computer Science (2005) degrees at the Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil, and my PhD (2009) at University of São Paulo, São Carlos, Brazil. During my PhD I realized two doctoral internships: in George Mason University (VA, USA) and Microsoft Research (WA, USA). Currently I am an assistant professor at Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil. I have academic and industrial experience in computer science (software engineering) working mainly with software reuse, CASE, Model-Driven Development, component search and component-based development.

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Research Lines

1. Model-Driven Development

2. Software Reuse - Product Line, Frameworks, Components, etc

3. Software Engineering for Cloud Computing and NoSQL databases

4. Web, Mobile and Cross-platform Software Development

Rosângela Aparecida Dellosso Penteado (Emeritus)

Rosângela Aparecida Dellosso Penteado is a Full Professor at the Computing Department at Universidade Federal de São Carlos (DC-UFSCar), São Carlos-SP, Brazil. She obtained her PhD in Science, Software Engineering, in 1996 at Universidade de São Paulo. She conducts research in software engineering area, mainly in modernatizion and reengineering software, using various techniques. Since 1997 she is supervising several master degree and also PhD students. In 2009 she was mentored PET (Programa de Educação Tutorial) which was approved with financial support from CAPES-FNDE. From 2009 until June 2015 she worked as tutor in this program, supervising about 40 students with financial support. Her publications consist of several papers in journals, conferences and chapters of books as can seen in:

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Research Lines

1. Systems Object-Oriented Reengeneering, Maintenance and Software Quality

2. Frameworks, Software Patterns and Component

3. Software Products Line

4. Informations Systems